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Jump City is a shop that features comics, collectibles, and locally made pop culture art and crafts. Staff is knowledgeable, outgoing and friendly.

We have everything you need to escape from the mundane including a variety of Graphic novels, boardgames, role playing games as well as acessories for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, Rifts, Pathfinder and more.

Want to show off what fandoms you love in a subtle and fashionable manner? Jump City has some delicious acessories and clothing options for you to mix and match to express your personal sence of style.

Pokemon trainer? Jump City has so much to offer you. Booster packs, elite trainer boxes, theme decks, play mats, deck boxes and card sleeves, plush toys, stickers, and even our own Northern Pokemon League complete with our very own Professor Joel.

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We support local!

Northern Pokemon league Timmins.

Pre-pandemic times Jump City was inhabited by our very own Pokemon League hosted by Professor Joel.

Each Saturday from noon 'till 2pm Pokemon trainers of every age could be found flooding Jump City with excitement as they prepaired for very polite battle and competion. We hope to renew that adventure once the restrictions are lifted again. We invite you to join us. Please stay tuned for updates.

Board Game Days

When the lock down is lifted, Jump City would like to host Staurday Board Game days. This neutral space is ideal for people who want to meet like minded board gamers or RPGr's. You are welcome to start a D&D party here and not worry about the set up, take down or having strangers in your house for only $5.00 a chair each week.

Socially Minded

Jump City are proud supporters of our local Girl Guide Troops. Each year, we do our best to help the sale of cookies. Those funds go toward their camping trips, art supplies and other educational activities.

Auric of the Great White North

Here at Jump City, we are most happy to carry our city's own home town hero Auric of the Great White North. The writer Davis Dewsbury has been an excellent pillar of support since we started.

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My hometown went so long without a local comic book store. When Jump City came along our community got a top-notch collectable store providing a great selection of comics, games, and toys. Kitty and Julie, the store owners, bend over backwards to get their customers the products they want and also provide a warm and welcoming store experience.

June 21, 2021

Davis Dewsbury

I didn't know that I needed this product in my life but now I cannot imagine living without it! I truly love it and I know you will too!

Jan 1, 2019

Morgan Smith

You are going to fall in love as much and as quickly as I did with this product. It saves me so much time and money. Give it a try!

Jan 1, 2019

Peyton Lea

Local Crafts.

Our shop is a family owned and operated bussiness. Both Julz and Kitty were born and raised in Timmins and we do our best to help support our local crafters and artists.

When you choose to support Jump City Comics, you are doing more than buying super fun and amazing products, you are helping independant bussiness owners, artist, crafters and their families.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage!