Jump City Pokemon events return April 23rd 2022!

Casual play pokemon:

Officially, Pokemon League and Play! Pokemon events are still on hold until other regions can likewise participate.

Being unsantioned means until further notice, we will be unable to provide Championship Points. playmats or Promo cards.

(However Jump City and Professor Joel will see about making it rewarding with some treats.)


We had hosted League in the past for four and a half years!

Due to the lift of many restrictions our regular face to face game play returns on April 23rd.

Casual Pokemon events will be hosted Saturdays from 12pm- 3pm at Jump City Comics located at 38 Pine street North Timmins (lower concourse).

Alternating Tournaments for the Pokemon SwSH Video and PTCGO are on temporary hold until further notice.

We have a Local Gym League System, where deputized trainers are charged with being Gym Leaders. we have a stickered Scorecard for Local Trainers, as well as a Discord Bot that manages the Online Scorecards.

Fabulous prizes from the Local League Loot .

Professor Joel occasionally opens Pokemon Cards on Youtube.https://www.youtube.com/.channel/.UCbePRecsz7eDk6QLzoxF_0QxF_0Q

Professor Joel on Twitch.https://www.twitch.tv/.joel1007

Northern Pokemon Trainers' Discord.https://discord.gg/vCJ7ZyH